Recently, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC-HIT) released several waves of draft test procedures for the 2014 Edition criteria. You may find them here. Each wave will have a two-week comment period. We strongly encourage all vendors to review them and post any comments or suggestions to ONC via the email address. All submissions should include “Test Procedure” in the subject line.

Please bookmark this webpage and check back often over the next several months as more test procedures are released.

Drummond Certified™ Seals
In the ONC Final Rule for the 2014 Edition Criteria, ONC modified the certification seal text to be issued by certification bodies and displayed by vendors of certified products. It will no longer reference a calendar year; the certification seal text will now reference the specific certification criteria edition. For example, certifications issued after Oct. 4 for the current certification criteria will include the text: “This Complete EHR is 2011 Edition EHR certification criteria compliant…” The Drummond Group certification logo images will also be updated to reflect the new “2011 Edition” reference. However, ONC did clarify that current seals already issued are still valid and do not need to be updated. As ONC has noted, previous certifications remain valid until Dec. 31, 2013.

Although continuing to use the previously issued logos is perfectly acceptable and does not impact your certification standing, Drummond Group is offering any company with a certified product our new logo with the “2011 Edition” text. If your company’s product(s) were certified beginning in 2010 through present, and you would like to utilize the Drummond Certified “2011 Edition” seal in your marketing, including websites, internal pages, brochures, etc., please email Olga Finneran ( and you’ll receive this seal in the design format specific to your products’ certification (modular; complete ambulatory or complete inpatient). Please reference your certified product and its ONC certification ID in your request. Please allow four weeks to receive the new logo.

Changes in the Permanent Program
Oct. 4 marked the beginning of the Permanent Program for the ONC HIT Certification Program. For vendors of EHR technology, there are two key changes which do impact the testing and certification of a product.

1)       Test reports will now be publicly viewable. The test reports describe the results, such as the modules a product successfully passed. However, they will NOT indicate any modules which failed.

2)       Marketing new products’ certifications must include language regarding price transparency. These are any additional types of costs that an EP, EH or CAH would pay to implement a complete EHR’s or EHR module’s capabilities in order to attempt to meet meaningful use objectives and measures. EHR technology self-developers are excluded from this requirement. These are the types of additional costs, but the actual dollar amounts will not have to be listed.

For example: An EHR technology is certified to the 304.g Timely Access certification criterion. However, EP must pay an “ongoing” monthly service fee to the EHR technology developer for it to host/administer this capability in order for the EP to meet the correlated MU objective and measure, the existence of this potential “ongoing” cost would need to be disclosed by the EHR technology developer. Therefore, an example of the price transparency language which must be included whenever the vendor markets its ONC certification status could be “This certified product-version may require ongoing monthly costs to support online patient service (170.304.g).

This affects certifications issued to products for any certification request received ON OR AFTER Oct. 4. This is not required for previously issued certifications in the Temporary Program although we encourage vendors to begin including this language.

Again, Drummond Group plans to continue delivering updates on related critical information as it is released by the ONC. In the meantime, we appreciate your questions and look forward to continuing a relationship that will carry your product(s) successfully to the next phase.

Thank you,

Drummond Group

ONC’s draft test procedures for the 2014 Edition criteria