Interoperability Patents

InSitu™: Drumond Group's Automated Interoperability Tool

We know interoperability so well, we got a patent on it. Introducing Insitu™, our revolutionary technology developed specifically to conduct automated interoperability testing. With the power of InSitu™, software developers can complete interoperability testing in less time than ever before.

How is this possible? Instead of manually configuring the AS2 server for each testing scenario, InSitu™ does all the work. With InSitu™, all testing activities are automated. The AS2 software receives and acts on test request messages, removing the need to pre-configure systems for each testing scenario and removing the need for manual execution of each test.

As a matter of fact, InSitu™ makes it possible to perform interoperability testing in just one-tenth of the time that such testing traditionally takes. The end results: reduced costs for any organization that is certifying products and the ability to test for interoperability more frequently.

InSitu™'s track record says it all. With an installed base of committed software companies, InSitu has been helping software companies automate testing, cut labor costs and improve implementation speed for years.


InSitu™ is truly revolutionary as it adds flexibility and makes it easier for companies throughout numerous industries to complete interoperability testing in less time than ever before.

InSitu™ features:

  • Automated interoperability testing
  • Significant manpower savings
  • Global support across different time zones


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