Technology Expertise

At Drummond Group, we've got lots of experience – and it shows. We bring specific technical expertise to all of our certification, auditing and quality assurance programs.

Working with us means that you're working with a company that has ample experience with:

  • Dozens of test events covering more than 1,000 different product-version applications
  • A broad array of procedures designed to quickly and effectively master new technologies
  • Interoperability, conformance, auditing and piloting test methodology
  • Patents on technology to enable remote interoperability testing
  • Development, maintenance and enhancement of testing and quality assurance solutions
  • Rollout of testing approaches, templates and processes to transition work between development and testing groups and functions
  • Product architecture
  • Identification, design and enhancement of existing test frameworks to support test activities
  • Network security and security software
  • Common programming code such as Java, C/C++ and other languages
  • Software quality assurance standards and methodologies and testing lifecycle
  • Structured testing approaches, including testing levels (System, User, Unit, Functional)
  • Test strategies, tools and case development to ensure highest quality deliverables of software product releases

We also have experience in the following technologies and standards:

  • Innovative testing tools for automation (InSitu) and test frameworks
  • XML, Web Services, AS2, AS3, ebMS , FIPS, SAML
  • CEM, AS2 Filename MDN, AS4, and other standards development
  • Standards bodies (CPFR, IETF, OASIS, NIST, CSOS, etc.)

Backed by our technical expertise, we are able to:

  • Consult with project or application teams to establish enterprise testing automation experience
  • Develop testing and quality assurance solutions from detailed specifications
  • Quickly and effectively master new technologies
  • Effectively manage overall projects with planning, estimating, status reporting and scope management
  • Provide your team leaders with good and proactive information regarding the creation of project plans
  • Design and build a test automation process, based on your business requirements
  • Communicate complex technical topics in plain English

Our consultants hold advanced degrees in:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Engineering



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