Vendor Neutrality

In the software testing world, we're Switzerland. And that neutrality adds quite a bit of value.

Because we don't produce or endorse software products, Drummond Group does not have a vested interest in which products pass or fail. As an independent, privately held company, we simply provide software developers with a non-competitive, business-friendly environment in which to test and fine-tune products.

By steadfastly maintaining this neutrality, we add value to the process. Although happy to be a member of all the various industries that we serve, we purposely shy away from becoming intimately involved in professional coalitions or advocacy efforts. As such, when Drummond Group tests a product, we test a product. We don't have to worry about our participation in an industry coalition that spoke out against the requirement that we are putting through the paces – or that we have gotten to know the software developer's CEO by working together on an industry committee.

  • In essence, we make sure we don't attach to anything else, so that the only things Drummond Group is attached to is testing and certification. It's a tight focus that serves software developers and end users well.

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