Drummond Certified™ Products

Drummond Certified™: What It Means To You

It's one thing to get a nod of approval. But with Drummond Certified™, you get a real stamp that really means something.

We know testing inside and out, so when software passes through our programs and earns the Drummond Certified™ seal, people take notice. Simply put, earning our certification provides the assurance that software products will actually work – and that resonates loud and clear throughout the business community. Drummond Certified is an industry-neutral software testing program to enable compliance and interoperability across the Fortune 500 global supply chains. It addresses the needs of enterprises and supply chains by providing a neutral third party test of various software solutions for compliance to technical standards and interoperability among software applications.


What does it all mean for you? For software vendors, our certification program allows you to deliver compliant and interoperable products to your customers. And, if you are one of those customers, you can rest easy knowing that you are selecting a workable, interoperable solution that will do what it is supposed to right out of the box.

Drummond Certified™ Benefits for Software Vendors

With Drummond Certified™, software vendors can:

Enhance marketing efforts. The Drummond Certified™ Seal carries all kinds of weight – it really means something. So, you can use it wisely in press releases, brochures, whitepapers – and the like. In addition, your Drummond Certified™ solutions will be placed on recommended vendor lists.

Get recognized quickly. The Drummond Certified™ seal is more than just a pretty logo. It's a well-known, respected recognized seal that software customers frequently seek.

Back up product claims. With Drummond Certified™, you can claim compliance to industry standards and interoperability – and customers will believe it because it's been steadfastly proven.

Develop better products. Participating in our programs weaves quality into the process. With our low-risk, non-competitive and market-simulated test environment, you can make all kinds of improvements to your code before going to market.

Offer efficient implementation. Drummond Certified™ solutions are easy to implement and integrate – as the barriers have been washed out in the testing process. So, you can offer your customers a way to cut costs by knowing that they don't have to implement incompatible, proprietary supply chain solutions.

Drummond Certified™ Benefits for Software Buyers

With Drummond Certified™, software buyers can:

Save money. Implementation costs are reduced significantly, as you can implement software that has already been tested and certified for interoperability.

Shop smart. Drummond Certified™ helps users simplify the procurement process, which directly translates into greater savings and higher productivity. While you still need to zero in on price and features, you can rest easy knowing that all certified options have all been tested for compliance to industry standards and interoperability for specific technical standards.

Play nice. Drummond Certified™ products are compliant and interoperable, which means that they truly interface with the systems of your customers and partners, and bring efficiency to your supply chain.



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