AS1 Interoperability Product Directory

AS1-1Q10 Interoperability Product Directory and Test Results

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Company NameProduct Name
Axway Axway Interchange V5.8/Axway Activator V5.8
Inovis BizManager 3.2

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Drummond Group Disclaimer

  • Products-with-version in each test round achieved interoperability certification as a group. Products-with-version listed in a given test round may not be interoperable with products listed in a different test round.
  • No warranties are made for interoperability between products from two different lists or test rounds.
  • For AS1, AS2 and AS3 testing, EDI/XML translation and mapping or any other payload processing features were NOT TESTED in certification tests as payload processing lies completely outside the scope of the AS1, AS2 and AS3 specification.
  • Test cases included in Drummond Group's test offerings are based on the original technical specifications of the respective standard and may include additional test cases that are recommended by industry groups which may or may not be part of the original technical specifications.
  • Testing and certification, including all profiles, whether or not they are included in the original standard, should neither be construed as a guarantee of, or evidence of, acceptance by the end user, nor of market demand. Drummond Group makes no warranties nor assumes any liability for the participant's interpretation.



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