Secure B2B Communications

Secure B2B Communications

"Our continued goal is to drive global interoperability," says Rik Drummond, Drummond Group’s co-founder. "Software products are best tested together to ensure interoperability. Small regional interoperability tests DO NOT solve the issue of building global interoperability. Testing must be done together with all products in order to achieve success for the buying community."

Obviously, our co-founder – Rik Drummond – truly believes in the value of secure business-to-business communication, enabled through interoperable systems. And, the passion permeates throughout our organization.

That’s why we’ve poured plenty of resources into developing valuable testing programs that ensure that “two or more networks, systems, devices, applications, or components to exchange information between them and to use the information so exchanged."

Our testing initiatives are effective because we believe in keeping it real.  As such, all or our testing protocols strive to simulate the in-the-trenches environments where software applications are deployed.

We don’t merely want to certify software applications that test well; we want to certify software systems that work well.

And, we’re proud of our accomplishments. Indeed, we have tested software products from numerous international companies which support Internet messaging standards – AS1, AS2, AS3, and ebXML messaging vs. 2.0.  Because of this thorough, neutral testing, software products around the globe can now interface with many different supply chains or trading partner communities.




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