Drummond Group is a vendor-neutral, third-party business conducting interoperability and conformance testing through a virtual test lab. Utilizing a variety of cutting edge tools to facilitate software certification, including InSitu® automation technology and DG's Interoperability Compliance Process®, DG has tested hundreds of products to ensure that they:


  • conform to the specific industry chosen technical standard
  • test interoperable with the other products in that test
  • generally utilize full matrix test methodologies (all products complete all test cases with each other)
  • ensure participants are treated in a fair and neutral manner
  • meet industry needs that support industry profiles for the testing


 Drummond Group's Definition of Interoperability Testing

"Interoperability: The capability of two or more networks, systems, devices, applications, or components to exchange information between them and to use the information so exchanged."1

In order to achieve this, DG facilitates interoperability testing through simulating the real-world environment in which the products will be utilized. This ensures that the end users problems and related costs in using that product are significantly reduced. It is well known from studies over the last twenty years that errors found in software products after field deployment may cost as much as 40 times the amount to correct than if those errors are found before the implementation is released to the marketplace. This additional cost does not include the cost, frustrations and loss of good will by the end-users.

For example, with the current messaging standards tested by DG, the software products are utilized around the globe and can interface with many different supply chains or trading partner communities. The products must then successfully test with as many products as possible to ensure that the end users can easily implement the product into their supply chain. Therefore the messaging standards testing done by DG is facilitated in a full-matrix manner which means that all test cases are exchanged with all participants. This full-matrix example may or may not be typical for all standards tested in that DG's testing scenarios are based on how the products are utilized by the end user.



(1) "EICTA Interoperability White Paper," European Industry Association, Information Systems Communication Technologies Consumer Electronics, 21 June 2004.



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