Certification Programs

Looking for a stamp of approval? Drummond Group can help. We test and certify software under association-branded certification initiatives as well as under our own Drummond Certified program. Inc. Either way, we work hard to drive the adoption of technical standards and certify the software products needed to support the supply chain in a variety of industries.

It all adds up to lots – and lots – of certification experience. We've tested hundreds of software products from companies near and far, domestic and international. And, we've performed this testing and certification for a variety of industries including healthcare, retail, petroleum, financial services and automotive. Electronic Data Systems, GXS, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, SAP, SEEBURGER , Sun Microsystems, Walmart, Target, Fannie Mae, General Motors, Lowe's and Volkswagen of America, are just some of the companies that have turned to Drummond Group for software certification.

Through all of this experience, we've tested data synchronization, business choreography and interoperability of messaging and security standards for use in multi-national supply chains.

Why DGI?

  • Global Testing. No travel is required as we can facilitate tests with large groups of products from around the globe -multiple time zones in one test.
  • Cutting edge test administration tools. Our web based test tools – including InSitu®, our automated testing tool – assist the tester in better capturing and accessing information during testing as well as improvements in coordination of large numbers of tests among multiple testers.
  • Trusted test administration experience. Our test administrators facilitate the development of the test plan, administer and manage the entire testing process, and write the final report.
  • Trusted certification management experience. We understand that products with multiple versions must maintain certification. At Drummond Group, we create a testing process that fits the needs of the industry being served, managing products with version information from each participant, resolving conflicts over the product release schedules and test calendars, resolving questions around OEM environments and product platform/version issues, and answering/mediating ongoing user questions on any conflicts between certified products.
  • Developer QA testing. We offer the opportunity to conduct Quality Assurance testing between certification rounds. Backward compatibility and minor changes to tested versions are all issues that can be resolved by this service.
  • Self-paced entry. The "In the Queue" test process is now conducted on a self-paced basis. This self-paced testing allows a less expensive approach to gain entry into the next full matrix interoperability test for certain tests.
  • Relationship management. We offer a link and buffer to bridge the requirements of the relevant industry group(s), software developers and the technical standards groups. We understand how to balance the unique requirements and concerns of each of the various stakeholders and have successfully navigated the complexities of these relationships for many years.

Our Marketing Program

As the most recognized interoperability certification testing body worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to assist in developing a marketing program to promote the certification program. We have worked with various industry groups and software vendors to ensure a successful marketing launch to advertise the program and its detailed test results.


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