Global Software Testing

It's not called the World-Wide-Web for nothing. The moniker actually means something. The fact that the Web has the capability to connect people, and businesses, across the world means that the greatest value will come when software applications actually work together.

That's why Drummond Group is so vested in developing standards that apply not just locally or regionally, but across the globe. And, it's why we are constantly working to provide testing to a growing global audience of software vendors and their respective products.

Our goal is to help all vendors pass interoperability test rounds – and, in the process, flood the market with as many interoperable products as possible. Fortunately, our mission is meeting success as we have helped to certify software products in a number of industries on an international level.

"Our continued goal is to drive global interoperability," says Rik Drummond, DGI's chief executive officer. "Software products are best tested together to ensure interoperability. Small regional interoperability tests DO NOT solve the issue of building global interoperability. Testing must be done together with all products in order to achieve success for the buying community."

Indeed, we have tested software products from numerous international companies that support Internet messaging standards – AS1, AS2, ebXML messaging vs. 2.0 and CPFR®. And, we have done so in a neutral, non-competitive, business-friendly environment. Our reach extends across the globe as companies in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas have participated in interoperability testing.


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