Interoperability Testing Services

When two or more software systems are deemed interoperable, they can "exchange information between them and use the information so exchanged." It's an exponential equation that everyone understands: The more your system talks with others, the better.

We provide the interoperability testing that ensures that your organization can tap into the value inherent in creating such exchanges. How do we do it? We test for interoperability by simulating real-world situations, ensuring that software products communicate with each other in a practical manner, not merely in theory.

For example, we leverage current messaging standards to test software products, ensuring that these solutions can interface with many different supply chains or trading partner communities. We rely on a "full-matrix" methodology, which tests the interoperability between each pair of software solutions. In other words, we don't just assume that if a solution is interoperable with one system that it will be with another.

And we don't just test it, we certify it. We put the Drummond Certified ® seal of approval on it.

Conformance Testing Services

Conformance testing, also known as compliance testing, is simply used to ensure that a software system meets a defined set of standards. Typically, these standards are established by large, independent entities such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or the World Wide Web Consortium.

Here at Drummond Group, we provide a couple of different types of conformance testing. With pure conformance testing, we test software implementations against a reference engine or platform that confirms the implementation is in compliance with a specific standard. In other instances, we test for conformance in the context of preparing for interoperability testing.

Regardless of what type of conformance testing we are engaging in, Drummond Group is comfortable testing with a wide variety of standards setting organizations. And, we're confident of our ability to conduct conformance testing under a variety of situations – when the standards body provide the testing tools; when we develop our own testing tools; or when we rely on mature implementations to act as the gold standard by which conformance is measured.

Whether a specification requires conformance-only testing or a more thorough full-matrix interoperability testing program, rest assured, we have the tools and expertise to confirm and certify software compliance and interoperability, regardless of the complexity of the standards.

In other words: Complex or simple, we provide the conformance testing that you need.


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