Secure Global Synchronization

Every company in the world has a database filled with information about the products they make, sell or buy. And, these companies often share this information with other organizations to do business. All is well and good until changes are made, though. If a change is made in one system – and this is not communicated to a business partner's system – then, havoc reigns.

Secure global synchronization ensures that trading partners always have the latest information in their systems, and any changes made to one company's database are automatically and immediately provided to all of the other companies that do business with them. The end result: When a supplier and a customer know they are looking at the same accurate and most recent data, it is smoother, quicker and less expensive for them to do business together.

At Drummond Group, we are experts in secure global synchronization. As a matter of fact, the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) Oversight Committee selected Drummond Group as the exclusive GDSN data pool certification company. Interoperability certification is critical to the success of GDSN and each test round will utilize our Interoperability Compliance Process®, a robust interoperability process methodology which enables vendors to thoroughly test their products against other participating vendors. Upon completion of each GDSN test, a copy of a final report along with the test results will be published and posted on the GDSN website.


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