Secure Messaging

Think about that instant communication with a business associate halfway across the globe -- indeed, sending messages beyond the four walls of a corporate office is one of the great benefits of the Internet. Everyday e-mail, however, is not quite up-to-snuff security-wise when dealing with sensitive information.

Enter Secure Messaging. Secure Messages are encrypted bi-directionally and are stored on a network or internet server. As such, data is archived centrally, providing added security since messages downloaded to a local hard drive are subject to breach if the computer is ever lost or stolen.

That's where Drummond Group comes in. Secure messaging is our sweet spot, per se. We're experts in secure messaging and work in multiple industries to ensure that such messaging holds up to various standards including AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4 and ebXML.

We've performed securing messaging testing for an array of vendors in a variety of industries. We make sure it's all done right so financial institutions, insurance companies, health organizations, retail and service providers can take advantage of secure messaging with confidence. Indeed, no matter what the industry or standard, we create a web of trust, resulting in non-repudiation as secure message recipients are personally identified and transactions are logged by the secure platform.


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