Test Lab Services

When it comes to test lab services, we do it all here at Drummond Group. We offer testing services for software and firmware vendors, end users, government and other organizations.

We don't just do testing, though. We do it well. Our experience sets us apart from the pack. Interoperability, conformance testing and product life cycle testing and deployment – we have been down each of those roads many times.

Having tested more than a thousand products, Drummond Group understands the problems your software applications encounter. Perhaps most important, we understand how to make test cases that fully test an application, and how to streamline and integrate this process within your product development cycle or rollout. Virtual testing also is available.

We provide access to a staff of experienced testing experts, viable computing resources and the necessary tools including scripting and automation to complete any type of testing project.

Our test lab services include:

  • Assurance Planning and Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Standards Compliance Analysis and Testing (both positive and negative scenarios)
  • Security Testing (data, identity and toolkit security)
  • Functionality and Use Case Testing
  • Auditing and Requirements Certification
  • Test Plan and Test Case Creation
  • Test Consulting and Testing Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management and Testing

For more information, contact us at 512-826-2938 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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