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"Working with Drummond Group for Meaningful Use Stage 2 was an excellent experience. The entire team at Drummond, from finance to testing to scheduling, was very supportive and attentive to our needs. Our proctor was very patient and professional during the test phase. We look forward to working with Drummond Group for future certifications."

Adam Forman
Daw Systems, Inc.

"Synap, Inc. worked with Drummond Group to obtain the ONC HIT (2014 Edition) certification. As a new-to-market EHR, Synap relied on the expertise and professionalism of the Drummond Group team. The support we received during our test preparation was amazing, resulting in a very smooth and successful test experience. We look forward to working with Drummond Group in the future."

Shelby Brewer
CEO and Co-Founder,
Synap, Inc.

"I am glad that OD Online had chosen Drummond Group for EHR testing and certification services. It was a great decision for OD Online PM and EHR to successfully pass and complete our EHR 2014 Edition Certification! Drummond Group provided our project team comprehensive material, online source testing material and information to assist in our preparation. The services from all Drummond Group staff were excellent. They were very supportive, dependable, friendly and helpful. They answered all the questions in a clear and understandable manner, and discussed the best solutions to achieve the tests and certification in a professional manner. We are totally satisfied with their services, and I would recommend Drummond Group for all EHR testing and certification services."

Joseph Q. Nguyen
OD Online PM and EHR Project Manager,
CDI, Inc.

"After receiving the 2014 ONC-ACB certification of our complete EHR, WebChart confidently chose to work with Drummond Group again for Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substance (EPCS) certification. The quality of service Drummond Group demonstrated throughout the process was amazing. Our audit proctors were extremely knowledgeable of federal and DEA regulations, as well as SureScripts requirements, to ensure that we were completely compliant. The process was very well organized from start to finish, allowing us to achieve success while working at our own pace. WebChart highly recommends Drummond Group for all of your third-party audit needs."

Theresa K. Juillerat
Implementation Project Manager,
Medical Informatics Engineering

"MEDHOST contacted Drummond Group in July 2014 to begin the process to certify our Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) module for the EPCS program. They assigned two people for our project, a project manager and a test proctor. Both worked closely and diligently with us as we navigated the 40-plus scripts. Success with this certification was achieved by teamwork with the Drummond Group personnel and an extensive team at MEDHOST. The Drummond Group team assured that the loop was closed on every question and task. They were extremely prompt and thorough with their responses to our questions. They assured that our documentation was complete, as well as our understanding of the DEA regulations. The Drummond process is organized to produce a smooth and successful certification event. MEDHOST elected to do the Pre-Audit Survey, and I would recommend that any vendor undergo this pre-certification event. Several items were identified and we had time to address them. This helped assure a successful certification event on test day. It was a big day for MEDHOST EDIS when the EPCS certification was received in March 2015. Thank you to the Drummond team from the MEDHOST EDIS team!"

Missy Willoughby, Ph.D.
Director of Meaningful Use and FDA Compliance,

"Practice Fusion has worked with Drummond Group to obtain ONC HIT (2011 and 2014) and EPCS certification. Drummond Group’s dedication and prompt responses were vital to Practice Fusion achieving Meaningful Use and EPCS certifications. Their continued support led to reduced development time and allowed our team to focus on delivering an amazing product to our customers. We highly recommend Drummond Group to any vendor seeking ONC HIT or EPCS certification.”
Jake Castro
Regulatory Program Manager,
Practice Fusion

"It would be easy to say that Drummond Group provided great service, was always responsive and had a great website which helped in our process of achieving Meaningful Use - all of which, are true. But there is one thing that really stood out more than anything else: Honesty, and its close cousin, truthfulness. You can always get a sense of what an organization's culture is when working with the folks who are in the trenches. In our case, we had the opportunity of working with Alex Burt for our test proctor. There was no equivocation when it came to telling us that there were standards that had to be met and then expecting us to meet them completely. Bend the rules? No way. Any hint of bending the rules? No way. It was the way he said it and the way he expected it. At all times, he was fair and straight. If we missed the mark, he let us know. If we made the mark, it was met with the same level of intensity as when we missed. All of these characteristics speak to the organization and the things that are important to them. In a world dominated by technology, it can often be easy to extol those virtues and how a company performs. To work with a company who believes deeply in honesty was a privilege."

Michael Archuleta
ArcSys, Inc.

"Thank you Drummond Group for guiding us through the certification process! Your support staff and (test) proctor were instrumental in getting us prepared for a successful certification. We have used Drummond Group for both of our Meaningful Use certifications and will definitely be back for round three."

Chuck Kandzierski
Clinigence, LLC

 "All of the staff members at Drummond Group are very thorough and helpful. We even received answers to our questions on weekends and late at night."
Susan Jones
Vice President,
KeyMedical Software, Inc.


"Drummond Group has been MEDHOST's accredited testing and certification vendor for all EHR certifications to the meaningful use. This includes the 2011 Edition and 2014 Edition.

MEDHOST has certified many versions of six different products ... Healthcare Management Systems, Inc., now MEDHOST, Inc., was one of the first inpatient EHRs to achieve Complete EHR status for the 2014 Edition of meaningful use. This could not have been achieved without the guidance and assistance provided by Drummond Group, a true partner in our success. Their resources, both in personnel and documentation on the testing and certification process, have been invaluable. The document resources provided on all aspects of certification preparation and testing, the ZenDesk question center and also access to our proctor for questions and feedback have been instrumental to our success.

I would highly recommend Drummond Group to any vendor looking to achieve 2014 Edition certification for the ONC HIT Certification Program."

Missy Willoughby, Ph.D.
Director of Meaningful Use and FDA Compliance,




"We enjoyed working with Drummond Group to modularly certify our product. The testing staff was very informative and helped guide us through the entire process. The Drummond Group testing guides were thorough and covered every aspect on the MU 2 measures."

Therese Kaag, MBA
Project Manager – Physician Billing Service Information Systems
Washington University School of Medicine




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