Cross-Industry Experience

Variety is the spice of life – and it's a good thing for our business at Drummond Group as well.

Learning the ins and outs of various industries is a challenge that we relish; after all, it keeps things interesting. But it's also good for our customers because we learn so much about software functionality and interoperability.

The end result: We are stronger for the effort. And, the software companies that we serve – and the end-user clients that they serve – are better off for the effort as well.

Because of our cross-industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to assist software vendors in any industry to provide tested and interoperable off-the-shelf commercial software products that work. From secure messaging to data processing to data synchronization, we make things work right.

And, certification done right is a good thing for everybody. When software works as expected, software companies can have confidence in what they are offering – and end-user companies and organizations can worry less about the implementation and related costs. As such, they can simply concentrate on their business without spinning their wheels trying to figure out how to get their software programs to work.

Please check out these FAQs for more information on standards and their respective industries:


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