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Key Success Factors for Building an Effective Interoperability Test Program

Every industry has different adoption drivers and subtle adjustments must be made to generic testing regimes and methodologies to reflect an industry's unique characteristics.

We will look at six areas that encompass the key success factors for any conformance/interoperability program and discuss just a few of the more important aspects of each to lead to a successful program.

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Making Sense of AS2: An Implementation Guide

This paper provides an in-depth understanding about AS2, offers network administrators general tips on how to install and manage AS2 solutions for their companies, and how AS2 impacts the way of transporting business data over the Internet in a safe, confidential and reliable way. It also focuses on providing the basics of handling electronic data interchange (EDI) within companies using an AS2 product, configuring firewalls and troubleshooting tips for administrators. Written in an easy-to-read manner so that company executives with non technical backgrounds can gain an overview and understanding of how AS2 implementations will impact their organization.

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