DG Reports

"Drummond Group's Response to CMS Proposal to Modify 2015 Edition Timelines" 

CMS IPPS Proposed Rule Public Comment

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       CMS opens their doors for public comment to the FY 2018 Proposal Rule

"Mathematical Theory Foundation for DG Testing"

The Probabilistic Conformance & Interoperability Correctness Theorem

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Lessons Learned from the History of Interoperable B2B Communication

 --By Rik Drummond and Beth Morrow

The history of business-to-business (B2B) communication offers some important lessons which can be applied as we move into the future. This whitepaper focuses on the development and evolution of the secure messaging standard, EDIINT or AS2 as a case study for lessons learned in the adoption of interoperable B2B technology.

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What Standards Are Lacking

--By Kyle Meadors, DG Principal-Test Processes

A one-page report which gives an overview of issues related to standards interpretation for each test round. It highlights the fact that the technical standards in and of themselves cannot ensure interoperability.

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Value of Neutrality

--By Kyle Meadors, DG Principal-Test Processes

A one-page report which continues the discussion begun in the report listed above, "What Standards are Lacking."

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A DGI Interoperability Perspective: Certificates and Security Toolkits in Secure Transports-Their Uses and Issues

--By Aaron Gomez, DGI Principal-Development

 In this report, DGI focuses its attention on interoperability issues revolving around certificates and security toolkits, which are at the core of secure transport technologies. Increasing the interoperability of these core technologies can deliver a positive impact on supply chains.

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PKI - Public Key Infrastructure, A Business Overview

A fourteen page report for executives and managers which gives a general overview of Cryptography, PKI environments, the state of the industry, and the future issues.

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PKI in Healthcare: Recommendations and Guidelines for Community-Based Testing

This document was produced by the Drummond Group and the Healthkey Program (www.healthkey.org). The report is intended for executives, managers and information technology personnel as it provides varying levels of detail on the issues and expected direction of public key infrastructure (PKI) adoption by the health industry. The document has been prepared to help set the stage for the HealthKey Program as it begins 12 months of testing technologies, policies and practices to advance health information infrastructure development.


Executive and Management Summaries (PDF, 325 KB)

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Report On Emerging Technology Strategies for the Uniform Code Council, Inc.

Available here: EC_Strategy_Report1.pdf (PDF, 636K, free)

Proposal to ebXML-Messaging to Extend the Specification for Encapsulation

This proposal will allow Forwarding, Encryption, Third-Party signing and other functionality missing from ebXML-MS version 2.0.

It is available here: Encapsulation.pdf (PDF, 177K, free)


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