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Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Risk Assessment–ISO

ISO/IEC 27001 requires systematic management of the organization’s entire risk profile, across silos, and allows for the design and implementation of a control architecture that addresses unacceptable risks, and ensures that the controls are put in place to achieve compliance and protection.

Evaluate your entire business’s risk, across silos

This important service provides you with an effective way to understand and appropriately mitigate risks to your whole organization.

The Comprehensive Risk Assessment is a formal, detailed, yet flexible method of evaluating the business and operational risks and controls of an organization. This assessment, based on controls found in ISO 27001 and guidance on these controls documented in ISO 27002, determines how technology and operational risks are managed and controlled within your organization, and evaluates the overall risk exposure to the company and its customers. It compiles and clarifies information related to prevention and control technologies, practices, and their associated effectiveness which could reduce and/or eliminate risks. Additionally, this assessment summarizes existing controls and provides recommendations for remediating any deficiencies.

Why choose Drummond?


There is a lot at stake.  Our staff has deep experience in certification;  we’re not cutting our teeth on your project.  When you work with Drummond, you experience a team of highly skilled professionals that bring a code of honesty, empathy, and advocacy to each engagement.  Our team will help you achieve compliance and certification and look for ways to help you pursue comprehensive compliance in the service of the greater good for your business.


We focus on quality from every angle.  In many cases, our staff are the people who created the frameworks everyone else tests to.  We bring an exclusive and proven methodology to each engagement and look for ways to improve and be more efficient at every step of the project.  We take ownership and accountability of our work as we help you mitigate risk and achieve positive outcomes.


Ask any of our clients, they will tell you that the Drummond difference is its people.  The people of Drummond listen carefully, and tailor solutions to your unique business and situation.  Experience our team of highly skilled experts and proven methodologies and unique approach to help you achieve compliance for regulatory information security mandates.  Our team will help you test critical applications for standards conformance and interoperability and gain certifications for your long-term success.  Increase trust, gain expertise and experience our unique approach and attention to detail as we partner with you for your long-term success.


The People of Drummond are here to help

Let us guide you on your compliance journey.

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