Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Drummond Group is the official certification testing authority for GDSN.

The GDSN includes a network of interoperable data pools and the GS1 Global Registry, a registry for communicating master data (Catalogue Item and Party) between trading partners. All Data Pools within GDSN are required to undergo GDSN Interoperability testing. In July 2004, the GDSN Oversight Committee selected Drummond Group as the exclusive GDSN data pool certification company.

GS1 Global Registry FAQ

On Aug. 1, 2004, the global registry functionality required for the creation of a global network was put into production under the jurisdiction of EAN International. The GS1 Global Registry™ (in anticipation of the EAN/UCC January 1st, 2005 name change to “GS1”) will be operated as a distinct and separate neutral entity by EAN International. The GS1 Global Registry will serve as a global gateway for companies to locate source (manufacturer) or recipient (retailer) data pools, which contain item and party information.
Benefits will include opportunities to:
  • Learn the early needs of the sponsoring user communities and get market validation for your data pool
  • Debug your data pool with leading competitors in a vendor-neutral, low risk, “market simulated environment” so that you resolve problems before you provide data pool services to your customers
  • Gain market acceptance and recognition for implementing new standards
The test plans are developed by Drummond. They will be reviewed by vendors who choose to join the interoperability project and necessary modifications will be made as appropriate. Drummond will be facilitating the test process through the Drummond Test Lab using its Interoperability Compliance Process® is a robust interoperability process methodology which enables vendors to thoroughly test their products against other participating vendors. A copy of the Final Report will be published along with the test results and posted on the GDSN website.
Participating data pools will use the GS1 messaging standards to execute a series of registry functionality tests that will focus on enabling data transactions. Exactly what use cases are tested in each test event are being defined by the GDSN task group. Data pools will then execute a series of notification type events fulfilling data synchronization. In a phased approach, data pools will demonstrate full interoperability with all participants by the final phase of testing.
Upon Drummond’s notification of passing the GDSN Interop test, your data pool is certified as “Interoperable” and your product-with-version will be listed on the GDSN website.
Drummond is the exclusive testing certification authority for GDSN. Drummond administers testing in a neutral, cooperative and non-competitive environment. DGI maintains strict vendor neutrality to assure integrity of the testing process.
  • Drummond maintains the confidentiality of each participant’s progress during the testing process
  • Drummond only interacts with the technical staff of the participating data pools on daily phone calls during the testing process (Sales and Marketing are only involved in related press releases subsequent to the completion of testing)
  • Drummond creates a non-competitive, cooperative environment for data pools to successfully pass and complete testing
  • Drummond only announces those data pools that have successfully passed the tests — i.e., Drummond Group does not make public those entities that have not succeeded in completing or passing tests.
  • No one sees your actual products (i.e. not your competitors, not even Drummond)
  • You choose how much you want to share with the group on specific code problems with your product
  • All testing is done over the Internet from your controlled environment
  • All discussions on problems and code adjustments are held via conference calls and email
  • Other participants only see data exchanged (we provide the data for the test in concert with the participants)
  • Sales and Marketing contacts are not allowed on the daily conference calls. Only approved technical contacts are allowed on the daily phone calls and email list serve.
  • Drummond provides a neutral environment to ensure you and your competitors can work cooperatively together to ensure compliance/conformance and interoperability
  • Drummond does not see or request your code at any time
  • Drummond sees the test data and ensures the test results are accurately recorded
  • Drummond will NOT publicly announce any entities who fail to pass the tests. Only those passing data pools are announced.
  • Drummond resolves individual and group problems as they occur and makes every effort to ensure fair and speedy dispute resolution to keep the testing process moving
Tests will be conducted over the Internet with mandatory daily conference calls. It is suggested that one person be dedicated during the process to handle the testing. At times it may be necessary to add additional staff to keep from falling behind in the testing process and ensure your product stays on the test schedule.

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