Pediatric Health IT Certification

Pediatric Health IT Certification

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Driving Change in Pediatric Care with EHR Certification

As a trusted partner in Health IT certification, Drummond is well-positioned to help innovative EHR companies gain a competitive advantage while also showcasing their commitment to improving pediatric care. 

The Drummond Pediatric Health IT Certification program complements and expands on advancements made in pediatric health IT by the ONC, AHRQ, and HL7. It also incorporates guidance provided by leading pediatric clinicians and other key stakeholders to revolutionize the highly specialized world of pediatric EHRs and improve the health outcomes of children.

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Pediatric Health IT Certification

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The Power of Choice: Voluntary Certification for Competitive Advantage

Mandated pass/fail certification helps drive advancements in Health IT but does little for competitive advantage. 

The voluntary Drummond Pediatric Health IT certification program expands upon existing standards—its baseline certification gives developers the ability to distinguish their products in the market.

Beyond Basic Certification: Advanced Certification and Differentiation

Our pediatric certification program goes beyond baseline certification and supports advanced optional certification levels.

Developers who pursue these advanced certifications demonstrate a higher commitment to quality and innovation in pediatric settings, which can set them apart in the increasingly crowded Health IT landscape.

Our Collaborative and Comprehensive Approach

To develop the technical testing requirements for the Pediatric Health IT Certification Program, Drummond partnered with an expert advisory panel composed of pediatric clinicians and leaders in pediatric health IT. Some of the pediatric-specific functionality that will be tested and certified includes well-child visits based on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)’s Bright Futures recommendations, weight-based dosing, newborn screening, and pediatric care team coordination. These requirements served as the basis of the HL7 Pediatric Child Health IT Functional Profile (PCHIT FP) published in 2022 to update pediatric functionality for EHRs.

ONC prerequisites

Drummond’s Pediatric Health IT Certification Program includes ONC program prerequisites, explained in our FAQ. Participants who are not currently certified to any of the prerequisites can still enroll in the Pediatric Health IT Certification Program but must complete certification of the separate ONC criteria before receiving a Drummond Pediatric Health IT Certification (ONC prerequisites can be worked on in parallel to Pediatric Health IT Certification).

Baseline tracks

There are two baseline tracks which are on a pass/fail basis for the ambulatory setting and the inpatient setting.

Advanced achievements

Advanced achievements are graded on the number of tests passed to provide solution providers with market differentiation for robust pediatric functionality beyond the baseline requirements.
Maintaining active certification requires biennial recertification.

Drummond’s registration process is user-friendly and tailored to offer unique services proven to help developers on their journey to achieve certification for health IT software applications.

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Check out our FAQs for in-depth overviews of the Pediatric Health IT Certification.

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