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FHIR® Compliance Support

FHIR® Compliance Support

Trust the Drummond experts to help you get the clarity and efficiency you need to achieve and maintain compliance. Schedule your FREE consultation today.

Don’t Let FHIR Regulations Burn You.

In the ever-evolving landscape of health IT, it’s crucial your development team stays on top of existing and impending FHIR mandates.

(g)(10) was one of the first ONC requirements for health IT developers, but it won’t be the last. The HTI-1 proposed rule and CMS rulemaking will increase the burden on your team with possible deadlines at the end of 2024 and 2025.

The Drummond advisory team is available to support your growing use of FHIR-based standards so you can focus on the efficient integration of your mandate-driven, customer-demanded, and revenue-generating development plans.

Designed to help developers jumpstart their (g)(10) planning and implementation efforts beginning with a better understanding of the (g)(10) requirements for certification and the HL7®; FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) v4 standard. This service includes expert guidance on requirements and readiness for certification, a test tool overview, and assessment of “build vs. buy” options for developers unsure of a long-term strategy.
This service includes a deeper dive into the standards, expectations, and regulations related to (g)(10) certification, including their relationship to the new Information Blocking standards. We will provide guidance and interpretations for the (g)(10) criterion and the FHIR® v4 Implementation Guide, working closely with your development team throughout your (g)(10) project.
Provides advisory test sessions together with guidance on results interpretation and next steps, using ONC-approved testing methods. These sessions help to objectively measure development progress and assess gaps in functionality, and are designed to provide a full review of test requirements that must be satisfied to achieve certification for (g)(10). The advisory team provides support for installing and configuring the test tool, conducting the advisory test sessions, interpreting results, and planning further actions.

If your organization has immediate compliance needs, Drummond Advisory Services can help you accelerate your time to market.

• Certification Lifecycle Management
• Real-World Testing (RWT)
• §170.315(b)(10) Compliance


Compliance is a Moving Target. Improve your aim.

Drummond Group gives your team options. We help you navigate compliance while integrating competing development requirements. With a balanced approach and the right strategy, you can improve your precision.

By integrating a programmatic approach into your development process, you can speed up the certification of capabilities and cultivate market confidence that stems from compliance and certification. But we understand that ad-hoc services can sometimes be the easiest way to get started.
Let us help you strike the right balance between immediate solutions and long-term strategy.

Start today and secure expert guidance for tomorrow. With our support, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the moving target of compliance.

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DISCLAIMER The services offered by Drummond Advisory Services are separate and distinct from the Drummond Group Test Lab and Certification Body. The purpose of Drummond Advisory Services is to provide expert support and guidance for the planning, analysis, and execution of certification activities; it does not negate the steps or required actions of the certification process. Use of Drummond Advisory Services does not guarantee successful ONC Health IT testing or certification.

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