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HIPAA Compliance Assessment

We’re so confident you’ll see the value in our HIPAA Gap Assessments that we offer a FREE no-obligation consultation with a HIPAA expert. Schedule today and walk away with actionable insights.

Build Market Trust with Impartial HIPAA Gap Assessment

HIPAA Compliance is a requirement for healthcare providers, payers, pharmacies, and their business partners. While the mandate does not require the use of 3rd party accredited certification and testing bodies, self-attestation can be a double-edged sword. The market lacks confidence in internal promises of compliance—especially when even well-intentioned internal assessments can be marred by presumptions, lack of compliance expertise, or technical blind spots.

Drummond is a trusted and impartial assessor backed by over 25 years of experience in Health IT validation and certification. Our HIPAA Gap Assessment services help you stand out as a trustworthy data guardian.

Our Methodology Is Your Key to HIPAA Compliance Excellence

With a dedicated Drummond expert guiding your assessment process, live interviews with various stakeholders, and the unique flexibility to resubmit compliance evidence, you and your customers can have confidence in your HIPAA compliance.

Upon successful completion, you’ll earn the coveted Drummond Validated badge and a compelling letter of assurance to confidently share with your discerning customers and valued business associates.



HIPAA Gap Assessment

Secure your HIPAA compliance with an expert-led Gap Assessment. We thoroughly review your security controls, identify gaps, and provide actionable recommendations.

Small Practice Healthcare Risk Assessment

Small practices, with limited resources, can find security gaps in HIPAA compliance. We identify vulnerabilities and recommend control implementations, ensuring the safety of protected health information (PHI).

Don’t Wait—Prioritize the Integrity of Your HIPAA Compliance Now!

Secure the credibility of your data protection with impartial 3rd party validation. Fill out the form below, and let’s fortify your commitment to safeguarding sensitive healthcare information today.

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Why choose Drummond?

Stronger Together

Our industry-experienced healthcare compliance team will give you an objective view of potential risks and vulnerabilities to patient information, and we will ensure that your security, privacy, and compliance goals align with business goals and ultimately mitigate risk.

Top HIPAA Assessor

We have performed 200+ assessments, which makes us a top performer in the industry. Our experience lessens the time and money you must expend for certification.

Proven Methodology

We advance the pre-assessment phase and evidence collection process with our proven automation and engagement methodology to get your organization HIPAA/HITECH Certified in a timely manner.

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Drummond's guide to EPCS Recertification

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Drummond's guide to Initial EPCS Certification

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