CSOS Certified Products

Drummond provides CSOS Auditing services such as delivering certification for software products-with-version in compliance with DEA rules.

Under the authority of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Office of Diversion Control (OD) regulates the manufacture and distribution of controlled substances in the United States. This regulatory control is designed to prevent the diversion of legitimate pharmaceutical drugs into illegal channels and to ensure that there is a sufficient supply for legitimate medical uses. CSOS is an electronic commerce initiative overseen by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to provide an automated alternative to the current paper-intensive process required for purchasing and distributing Level I and II controlled substances. CSOS Auditing certification is proof that software offerings can enable purchasers and suppliers to interchange e222 forms in a predictable and secure manner compliant with DEA requirements.

wdt_ID Company Product | Version Date Certified
1 Anda, Inc. AndaNet June 6, 2018
2 Anda, Inc. Secure Enterprise Interchange Applet 1.0 November 12, 2012
3 Axway B2Bi Version 2.3 September 15, 2017
4 Axway Synchrony CSOS 5.7 November 12, 2012
5 Axway Synchrony Gateway Interchange 5.10.1 January 3, 2013
6 Blue Link Associates Limited Blue Link ERP Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) Version 1.01
7 Gen-SourceRX Gen-SourceRX CSOS 1.10
8 Healix, Inc. Healix Online Ordering System (HOOS) 2.0
9 Legisym Express 222 v4.0
10 Legisym Express 222 5.0
11 Legisym, LLC Express 222 version 2.0 February 10, 2009
12 Legisym, LLC Express 222 3.0
13 McKesson McKesson CSOS v1.0
14 McKesson McKesson CSOS Integrator v1.0
15 nuBridges LLC nuBridges Controlled Substance Order Management (e222) v4.3 August 12, 2006
16 Reddwerks Corporation  CSOS 1.0
18 Axway B2Bi Version 2.6 May 18, 2021
19 Morris & Dickson E222 3.0 May 19, 2022
20 GraphiteRx Graphite CSOS 1.0 April 14, 2022
21 Streamline Technology PIMS CSOS 2.0 February 2, 2018

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