Drummond Group Introduces Pediatric Health IT Certification Program

Drummond Group Introduces Pediatric Health IT Certification Program

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – October 4, 2022 –  Drummond Group LLC announced its new Pediatrics Health IT Certification program today, following the successful completion of a recent piloting initiative with three leading health IT vendors and an additional program review project with Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Drummond’s Pediatric Health IT Certification program was created to support the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)’s 10 recommendations for the voluntary certification of health IT for pediatric care. These recommendations are a response to congressional directives of the 21st Century Cures Act passed in 2016. The program includes test interpretations of the recommendations, thereby providing an independent and objective method for assessing health IT developer support.

Beyond the baseline set of mandatory criteria that health IT developers must meet for Drummond’s pediatric electronic health records (EHR) certification, vendors can be optionally evaluated against sets of advanced test criteria in key functional areas and are given special recognition for efforts to move the pediatric health IT forward. These “advanced badges” cover specific functionality for pediatrics medication management, newborn care and screening, well-child care, quality reporting, care team/planning, immunizations, and security and privacy.

“As the leading testing and certification body for the ONC Health IT Certification Program, Drummond is pleased to be able to leverage our experience, reputation and market position to innovate in industry-led testing and certification programs,” said Ryan Patano, Drummond’s president. “This new program advances pediatric EHR capabilities for health IT developers, practitioners and pediatric-focused health IT researchers to deliver societal value to children and their parents. In addition, it will help fulfill the original U.S. Congressional mandate for the voluntary certification of pediatrics health IT and build on ONC pediatric initiatives.”

“Pediatricians and all clinicians who care for children need tools designed to meet the unique needs of their patients,” said Dr. Sandy L. Chung, president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Pediatric certification of EHRs is an important step toward ensuring all infants, children and adolescents receive the right care every time.”

“This is a very exciting development in promoting child health improvement with EHRs and a testament to the pediatric community’s commitment to advancing child health EHR functionality through advocacy and industry engagement efforts,” said Dr. Feliciano Yu, pediatrician, Chief Medical Information Office Arkansas Children’s Hospital, HL7 EHR Working Group Co-chair and member of Drummond’s advisory panel. “Having been involved in health IT standards development and implementation, the pediatric EHR certification is a step in ensuring our EHR partners continue to support child health functionalities.”

“We know pediatric clinicians need pediatric-specific functionality in their EHR technology to provide optimal care for our patients and families. Having a way for pediatricians and technology decision-makers to transparently evaluate EHRs through advanced functionality badges will move the industry forward in caring for children. And as I like to remind others, children may make up about 25 percent of the population, but they represent 100 percent of our future,” said Dr. Susan Kressly, pediatrician, chair-elect of the AAP’s Section on Administration and Practice Management and member of Drummond’s advisory panel.

In-depth information about Drummond’s Pediatric Health IT Certification program may be found here.

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