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Third-Party Validation—Your Strategic Advantage

Third-Party Validation—Your Strategic Advantage

Third-Party Validation—Your Strategic Advantage

Obtaining third-party validation through testing and certification offers a multitude of benefits to your organization. By partnering with a trusted authority in health IT, commerce, and cybersecurity compliance, you gain the advantage of showcasing your product’s conformance with industry standards and mandates. This not only differentiates you from competitors but also instills trust and confidence in your brand among potential users. 

Third-Party Validation Benefits 

There are numerous benefits that come with obtaining third-party validation for your software or application such as improved internal processes, enhanced market confidence, reduced risk, potential cost savings, and more. Most notable are the following:  

Enhanced Quality Assurance – An impartial third-party organization provides an unbiased perspective and can thoroughly examine the software for potential flaws or weaknesses as they relate to standards and mandates. Drummond uses various testing methodologies to ensure your software meets or exceeds compliance requirements. 

Increased Credibility and Trust – Software that has been tested and certified by Drummond provides reassurance to your customers and prospects. It shows your solution has been objectively evaluated and meets requirements, which increases its credibility in the market. 

Risk Mitigation – Drummond testing and certification help identify and rectify issues before go-to-market or compliance attestation. This proactive approach can save you time and money and help safeguard your company’s reputation. 

Compliance with Regulations – Drummond certification can help ensure your software is in compliance with applicable mandates and reduces the risk of enforcement action. 

Competitive Advantage – The Drummond Certified badge provides a competitive edge. It demonstrates your company’s commitment to quality and reliability—which builds trust and influences purchasing decisions. 

Access to Expertise – Drummond has specialized knowledge and experience in health IT compliance. Engaging Drummond for product testing and certification gives your team access to our expertise—critical for resource-strapped teams and complex compliance requirements. 

Cost-Effective – While there is a cost associated with third-party testing and certification, it’s well-recognized that the process can be more cost-effective in the long run. It can help reduce the need for expensive extended development timelines (or rip-and-replace scenarios), provides access to expertise that would normally come from in-house full-time compliance professionals, eliminates the risk of reputational damage, and reduces the possibility of enforcement action and fines. 


Why Drummond 

The Drummond Certified® badge shows the market that your products meet or exceed industry mandates. It differentiates you from your competitors and enhances market trust in your brand, products, and solutions. Drummond Group is the predominant leader in health IT testing and certification. And our experts actively share their expertise with the community.    

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