IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions Completes DEA 21 CFR EPCS Audit with Drummond

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions Completes DEA 21 CFR EPCS Audit with Drummond

Drummond Extends Relationship with IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions as a Compliance Partner and More


IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions (IQSS), a part of AmerisourceBergen — a leading provider of services in the global pharmaceutical supply chain – was seeking to complete their Dr. First EPCS Audit which is required every two years by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for compliance to regulations set forth in 21 CFR 1311 and related parts.


Drummond, whose EPCS Certification Process used to conduct the audit was approved by the DEA in 2012, has performed over 100 EPCS Audits, and was selected by IQSS to assist in their audit of their Dr. First EPCS integration. Drummond was able to expedite the contracting process and within two weeks after finalizing the contract process, scheduled and completed testing for IQSS to earn their EPCS Certification Report in a timely manner.

The DEA EPCS Audit started with Drummond’s EPCS experts thoroughly reviewing the DEA regulations with IQSS to ensure a firm understanding of the requirements of the process. After a rigorous review process, they carefully reviewed their application for compliance to 21 CFR part 1311 to demonstrate compliance and earn certification of their EHR EPCS features.

“Drummond has served us well for our ONC and EPCS/ DEA certifications and provided important guidance to us over the past two years. Drummond’s team of experts and their certification processes gave us confidence in knowing that we are compliant with regulatory mandates and in supporting our practices in enhancing patient care.“

Amy Hansen, AmerisourceBergen, Product Manager, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions


IQSS works confidently with their clients knowing that they are compliant with DEA 21 CFR 1311, which is increasingly being mandated by more and more states. Drummond’s team of highly skilled EPCS experts were able to help the IQSS team experience Drummond’s attention to detail as their strategic compliance partner for EPCS certification.
AmerisourceBergen provides pharmaceutical products, value-driving services and business solutions that improve access to care. Tens of thousands of healthcare providers, veterinary practices and livestock producers trust us as their partner in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Global pharmaceutical manufacturers depend on us for services that drive commercial success for their products. Powered by our 21,000 associates, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions is part of the AmerisourceBergen family of companies.
Drummond is ready to help you incorporate continuous security and compliance practices into your organization and culture. Experience our team of highly skilled experts ready to collaborate with you and your team. Increase trust, gain expertise and experience our unique approach and attention to detail as we partner with you to achieve compliance, application conformance and protect your business with advanced cyber-security practices.

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) is a Federal Rule which allows for the electronic transmission of prescriptions of Controlled Substances. In response to the rising prescription drug abuse problem, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and states worked together to create programs and legislation to deter abuse and misuse. EPCS has mandates at the national and local levels governed by the DEA to reduce the potential for diversion, and subsequent abuse of controlled substances.

The DEA Title 21 CFR provides guidance for EPCS. EPCS technology is addressing the problem of forged or stolen prescriptions by requiring authentication of prescribers, improving security standards, and auditing activity on EPCS platforms. States that mandate this today include New York, Maine, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. By 2022 half the states in the US will mandate EPCS certification.

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