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Web Hosting Company Achieves PCI Continuous Compliance with Drummond

Web Hosting Company Achieves PCI Continuous Compliance with Drummond


A full-service digital ecommerce hosting company with credit card payment functionality for their clients was challenged to maintain PCI Compliance throughout the year. Their main issue with PCI compliance was preparing for their annual assessment which became a fire drill each year. The team responsible for this had continual turnover and things fell through the cracks as they worked on the open items that had to be addressed from the assessment. A key issue was that they viewed PCI Compliance as a side task for the team, and not as a full-time job, which added to their challenges with the annual assessment. Ultimately, they looked for a partner to help them manage and maintain PCI compliance throughout the year, so they can help their customers protect what matters most in credit card transactions.


The team – lead by their CEO chose to partner with Drummond and leverage our new Continuous Compliance service to assist them on an ongoing basis. Through our team of PCI experts, we have helped them execute weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual tasks with our service – so they are able to maintain PCI compliance annually and eliminate the headaches and fire drills they had been experiencing. The Drummond team is an extension of their organization and seamlessly works with their team to ensure that PCI Compliance is addressed proactively and on an ongoing basis.
“We looked for a partner who could help us meet our annual anniversary date for PCI Compliance as we were challenged every year on this area of our business. Now with Drummond’s Continuous Compliance Service, we have peace of mind that we are able to meet that date and maintain PCI Compliance with our annual assessment done on time as required.”

Founder & CEO


The client is now able to mitigate risks and eliminate past fire drills. They receive weekly status reports, timelines, project plans and tasks to avoid open issues and to ensure ongoing compliance with PCI requirements. They now have a complete understanding of their compliance posture through the weekly status reports outlining their potential risks that need to be mitigated. These reports outline risk and exposures of items off track so they can act in a timely and efficient manner to maintain their PCI compliance. Today, they have peace of mind in knowing that they are compliant and helping protect what matters most for their customers as they execute credit card transactions.

About Drummond

We are ready to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance and be prepared for regulatory information security mandates. Experience our team of highly skilled experts – having completed over 280 PCI assessments — ready to collaborate with you and your team on your PCI compliance needs. Increase trust, gain expertise, and experience our unique approach and attention as we partner with you to ensure compliance and help you protect what matters most. Let’s start a conversation to see how we can help drive your business forward.

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