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Bob Bryan
Senior Director
Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Discussion Topics

  • (b)(10) Requirements
  • Health IT Compliance
  • Certification Lifecycle
Lade Ayolola
Senior Compliance &
Risk Assessment Manager

HIPAA Certification

Discussion Topics
  • HIPAA Requirements
  • HIPAA Gap Identification & Recommendations
Aaron Gomez
Supply Chain Security
Business Unit Leader


Discussion Topics

  • 2FA Requirements
  • Security Requirements
  • Audit Logging Requirements
  • Maintaining Continuous Compliance
Timothy Bennett
Director Strategic
Healthcare Initiatives

FHIR Certification

Discussion Topics

  • Patient & Provider Access FHIR APIs
  • Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange FHIR APIs
  • Prior Authorization & Burden Reduction FHIR APIs
  • No Surprises Act FHIR APIs
  • ONC and CMS FHIR Federal Regulations
Samuel Hinson
Compliance &
Business Unit Leader

Risk Assessment & Penetration Testing

Discussion Topics

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Network penetration testing
  • Application penetration testing
Yoko Nakagawa
Pediatric Health IT
Program Manager

Pediatric Certification

Discussion Topics
  • How to get executive support for the Drummond Pediatric Certification Program
  • Understanding Pediatric Certification requirements
  • Discuss potential program fit and merit of advanced certification
Samuel Hinson
Compliance &
Business Unit Leader

PCI Certification

Discussion Topics

  • PCI Assessment
  • SAQ Assistance
  • PCI Continuous Compliance
  • PCI Penetration Testing
DISCLAIMER The services offered by Drummond Advisory Services are separate and distinct from the Drummond Group Test Lab and Certification Body. The purpose of Drummond Advisory Services is to provide expert support and guidance for the planning, analysis, and execution of certification activities; it does not negate the steps or required actions of the certification process. Use of Drummond Advisory Services does not guarantee successful ONC Health IT testing or certification.

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