Drummond Announces Certification of AS2 Products for 4Q20 B2B Interop Test Event

Drummond Announces Certification of AS2 Products for 4Q20 B2B Interop Test Event

Portsmouth, N.H., Mar. 16, 2021 – Drummond Group LLC, a trusted leader in software compliance and interoperability testing, announced the completion of its AS2 test event for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Companies participating and earning the Drummond Certified™ AS2-4Q20 certification seal for their latest B2B products were:  ArcESB, Axway, Cleo, Dell Boomi, DXC Technology, E2open, HelpSystems, IBM Corporation, MuleSoft LLC, and OpenText.

“The need for secure and interoperable business-to-business (B2B) products that implement messaging protocols like AS2 continues to increase as e-commerce utilization expands as well. For 20 years, Drummond has offered AS2 certification test events yearly and we commend these companies for continued participation in demonstrating their latest versions of B2B product offerings are AS2 interoperable,” said Aaron Gomez, Drummond’s Supply Chain Business Unit Leader. “These companies recognize the benefits of participating and working together to ensure their offerings prove interoperable, reducing the need to troubleshoot in production, which leads to cost-savings for their customers.”

The Drummond Certification program has been driving B2B interoperability globally for some of the largest supply chains. Drummond Certified™ full-matrix interoperability testing allows these organizations to validate transactional information is exchanged and received securely according to the AS2 standards.

Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) continues to be one of the most widely adopted messaging standards in the world. Retailers, consumer product goods, hard-lines, insurance, financial services, petroleum industry, and government agencies have adopted AS2 to safeguard critical business information that represents billions of dollars each year.

For a complete list of the newly certified AS2 products and for registration information for upcoming tests, please visit our website.

For more details on Drummond’s upcoming interoperability test events, please email: sales@drummondgroup.com

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Drummond Group offers comprehensive compliance, security, risk management, surveillance, and education services to healthcare, financial, and other regulated industries. We bring thought leadership, expertise, practical tools, and partnership to the compliance and assessment processes for our clients. At Drummond, enabling you to feel secure about the ways in which you share your business’s sensitive and private data is our primary goal.

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