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Drummond Certifies Newest Versions of AS2, AS4, ebXML Secure Messaging Software Applications in 4Q 2019

Drummond Certifies Newest Versions of AS2, AS4, ebXML Secure Messaging Software Applications in 4Q 2019

Portsmouth, NH — Jan. 22, 2020 —Drummond Group, the trusted leader in software interoperability testing, announced the completion of its renowned AS2, AS4 and ebXML (ebMS) interoperability test events conducted and completed in the fourth quarter 2019.

AS2-based software applications from ArcESB, Axway, Cleo, Dell Boomi,, E2open, HelpSystems, IBM Corporation, Informatica, JSCAPE LLC, MuleSoft, OpenText, and TIBCO are now AS2 4Q19 Drummond Certified.

Additionally, for AS4, ArcESB, Axway, IBM Corporation and OpenText have their latest versions Drummond Certified. And for ebXML, Axway, Cleo, IBM Corporation, OpenText and Oxlo Systems, Inc. certified their offerings as well.

“The demand for highly secure and interoperable messaging protocols is greater than ever and these technology organizations recognize the importance of continuously proving their systems ability to interoperate,” said Aaron Gomez, Drummond’s Supply Chain Business Unit Leader. “These companies recognize the value and importance of testing in a real-world environment before releasing to production. Drummond is the only organization offering this rigorous certification which is now in its 20th year. Drummond congratulates and commends these AS2, AS4 and ebMS solution vendors for placing a high level of importance on demonstrating interoperability in a world where digital business communications continues to grow in importance.”

Since 2000, the Drummond Certification program has tested and certified numerous software applications based on AS2 and since 2013 for AS4, driving business-to-business (B2B) interoperability globally for some of the largest supply chains. Drummond Certified full-matrix interoperability testing allows these organizations to validate that transactional information is exchanged and received securely according to the AS2 and AS4 standards.

Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) has shown its strengths as it continues to be one of the most widely adopted messaging standards worldwide. Retailers, consumer product goods, hard-lines, insurance, financial services, petroleum industry, and government agencies have adopted AS2 to safeguard critical business information that represents billions of dollars each year.

Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) interoperability validates that different products can work together to seamlessly exchange information using Web Services from any location, anywhere in the world. In addition to enabling interoperability for technologies such as cloud computing, AS4 is an emerging Internet messaging protocol that provides a standardized method for secure and document-agnostic exchange of B2B payloads. AS4 is being adopted globally, especially in Europe, as the messaging standard for secure message exchange.

ebXML Messaging (ebMS) is also known as TRP—Transport Routing & Packaging and focuses on the means for transmitting a document (payload) from one party to another, possibly through intermediaries. This protocol standardizes the way B2B transactions are transmitted.

For a complete list of the newly certified AS2 and AS4 products and for registration information for upcoming tests, please visit:

Drummond offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you achieve compliance with regulatory information security mandates and ensure critical business applications meet interoperability and application conformance. Increase trust, gain expertise and experience our proven methodologies and attention to detail as we partner with you for your long-term success. For more information visit:

B2B interoperability testing keeps everyone working – together.

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