What is Surveillance?

ONC-ACBs are required to conduct ongoing surveillance activities to assess whether certified health IT not only meets the requirements of certification in a controlled testing environment, but also continues to do so when implemented and used in a production environment (“in-the-field”). Similarly, ONC-ACBs must conduct surveillance to assess whether developers of certified health IT comply with other requirements (for example, mandatory disclosure of all known material types of costs, proper use of the ONC Certified Health IT Certification and Design Mark) under the Program. ONC-ACBs must develop surveillance plans in accordance with ONC-issued guidance outlining their approach to meeting the Program’s requirements for surveillance. 

Read Drummond’s Annual Surveillance Plan »

Certified Health IT Quarterly Attestations

Health IT developers are required to provide a record of all adaptations and updates, including changes to user-facing design, made to certified health IT on a quarterly basis each calendar year. Attestation tasks are created in the Drummond Group Customer Portal for all Drummond-certified products that are active on the CHPL.

Complete your quarterly attestation on the Drummond Customer Portal »

Mandatory Disclosure Requirements

The 2015 Edition Final Rule requires that health IT developers conspicuously post on the website a mandatory disclosure including additional types of costs or fees that a user may incur to purchase, license, implement, maintain, upgrade, use, or otherwise enable and support the use of capabilities to which the health IT is certified. For those developers that are certified for the API criterion, there must also be a link to the documentation on how to use the API and the Terms of Use for the API feature.

For more information, read ONC’s Program guidance on the Disclosure of Material Information »


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