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AS2 (Applicability Standard 2) is the RFC standard (RFC 4130) that enables vendor applications to communicate EDI or other business-to-business data (such as XML) over the Internet using HTTP, a standard used by the World Wide Web.

The AS2 standard is one of the most widely adopted messaging standards in the world. With retailers, consumer products goods, hard-lines, insurance, financial services, petroleum and government industries (to name a few) adopting AS2, the critical financial information that flows over AS2 messaging represents billions of dollars each year.

To ensure that important transactional information is received securely, full matrix interoperability certification is mission-critical for these industries. Drummond Group conducts AS2 testing twice a year. Typically, as many as 20-30 products from around the globe are tested during each session, with an estimated 40,000 test cases exchanged in each test round. 

AS2 Optional Test Profiles build upon an existing technical standard because certain industries have additional requirements they need added to the AS2 standard and, therefore, to the AS2 Interoperability Test. The AS2 Optional Test Profiles are being added in stages to the AS2 standard or listed as "Informational Status" to the standard within IETF. Participation in these test profiles is optional. Making the Industry Test Profiles optional maintains the integrity of the existing standard while providing interested software companies, who sell into the respective vertical, the opportunity to certify their capabilities. Those software companies who do not sell into the vertical can opt out. The end result is a group of software products certified for compliance and interoperability of the AS2 standard as well as a sub-set of software products also certified for the Optional AS2 Test Profile(s).

Those software products with version which have undergone Optional Profiles are noted on the AS2 Interoperability products listings page.

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