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AS4 (Applicability Statement 4) provides guidance for a standardized methodology for the secure and document-agnostic exchange of B2B payloads using Web services. By constraining the ebMS v3.0 specification and the underlying WS-* specifications for messaging packaging, transport, security and business non-repudiation, the profile focuses on providing an entry-level on-ramp for Web services B2B messaging. The end goal of this profile development is to replicate and strategically extend the existing functional requirements currently satisfied by RFC4130 (AS2) by mapping those requirements onto the Web services platform.

The AS4: Secure B2B Document Exchange Using Web Services standard was developed by a subcommittee of the OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Technical Committee. The intent and purpose of the AS4 subcommittee was the development of a Conformance Profile of the ebms v3.0 specification.

In summary:

  • The AS4 Profile serves to jump-start ebMS v3 implementations by constraining the options for vendors to implement, as well as provides some specific guidance for using Web services as a secure, document-agnostic B2B messaging platform.
  • The Web services landscape lacks a B2B message specification that has the simplicity and elegance of AS2, and the simplification of Web services for B2B will breed an environment whereby the liklihood for interoperability becomes achievable.
  • With simplicity and interoperability as attainable characteristics, widespread adoption of a standardized approach to Web services for B2B messaging can become a reality.
  • The AS4 Profile provides the marketplace an entry-level on-ramp to begin utilizing its internal SOA platforms for external B2B messaging while taking on some of the more complicated aspects of Web services.

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