Pre-Certified AS2 Products

Pre-certified AS2 Products

AS2 continues to be one of the most widely-adopted messaging standards in the world. Retailers, consumer product goods, hard-lines, insurance, financial services, petroleum industry, and government agencies have adopted AS2 to safeguard critical business information that represents billions of dollars each year.

AS2 Pre-Certification is required for new or past AS2 vendors who have not participated in Drummond B2B AS2 Test Events within the last two years.

AS2 Products Pre-Certified for AS2-2Q2023 Test Event

wdt_ID Company Product AS2 Seals Profiles Tested
1 Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS Transfer Family AS2 AS2 AES, SSL, Non-SSL, SHA-1
17 IceCoreSoft Core Connect AS2 and AS2 Cloud AES, BA-AES, BA-MA, BA-SHA2, CTE, FN, FN-MA, FN-MDN, MA, Reliability, SHA-1, SHA-2, SSL and non-SSL
18 iXPath iXPath 2.0 AS2 SSL, Non-SSL, SHA-1, SHA-2
19 Saphety Trade 5.0 AS2 AES, SSL, Non-SSL, SHA-1, SHA-2


AS2 Cloud Basic Authentication supported
AS2 Basic Authentication not supported
Cloud Means product Basic Authentication and SSL
BA Basic Authentication required to establish AS2 connectivity in both directions
BA-AES Basic Authentication with AES – inbound and outbound
BA-AES* Basic Authentication with AES – outbound only
BA-MA Basic Authentication with Multiple Attachments (Payloads) – inbound and outbound
BA-MA* Basic Authentication with Multiple Attachments (Payloads) – outbound only
BA-SHA2 Basic Authentication with SHA-2 – inbound and outbound
BA-SHA2* Basic Authentication with SHA-2 – outbound only
SSL Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – requires encrypted transmission
Non-SSL Supported Transmission without SSL
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
CEM Certificate Exchange Management (automated expiring certificate updating)
CTE Chunked Transfer Encoding
CTE* Chunked Transfer Encoding – inbound only
FN Filename Preservation of Payload
FN-MA Filename Preservation for Multiple Payloads
FN-MDN Filename Preservation with MDN Error Reporting
MA AS2 Message supports Multiple Attachments (Payloads)
Reliability AS2 messages and MDN delivery retried after network failure (retry or resend)
Restart AS2 message restarts transmission from point of failure for very large payloads
SHA-1 Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (All participants are required to support SHA-1)
SHA-2 Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (optional)

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