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Drummond Certifies 13 AS2 B2B Solutions in Fourth Quarter 2022

Drummond Certifies 13 AS2 B2B Solutions in Fourth Quarter 2022

Leading Global Organizations Participate in Security, Interoperability Test Event; Drummond additionally announces AS2 Pre-Certification of 3 AS2 Solutions

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – December 13, 2022 –  Drummond Group LLC, the trusted leader in AS2 software product interoperability validation for more than 22 years, today announced the completion of its second AS2 Interoperability Certification test event this year. Leading global AS2 software vendors submitted their latest systems for the fully automated testing, facilitated by Drummond’s InSitu™ Interoperability Test Management System. AS2 enables business-to-business (B2B) gateways to connect, deliver and reply using all forms of data communication securely and reliably.

Participating companies included Axway, Boomi LP, CData Software, Cleo, DXC Technology Corporation, E2open, IBM Corporation, /n software, OpenText and Oracle Corporation with a total of 13 products achieving Drummond certification. AS2 continues to be one of the most widely adopted messaging standards in the world. The consumer goods, high-tech, industrial manufacturing, petroleum industries and government agencies have increasingly adopted AS2 to safeguard critical business information representing billions of dollars yearly. Protocols such as AS2 are highly instrumental for facilitating communication between enterprises and networks.

“This vendor-neutral AS2 test event in which these global organizations’ software applications received certification was held across multiple time zones during the fourth quarter of 2022,” said Aaron Gomez, Drummond’s supply chain security business unit leader. “We declare the latest AS2 product versions as Drummond Certified and congratulate all participants for having demonstrated compliance and interoperability of these newest AS2 product versions. Their newly certified product versions meet industry stakeholders’ real-world needs looking to require Drummond Certified AS2 software from their trading partners.” Finally, Drummond announces the pre-certification of AS2 software from the following companies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), EDICOM and IceCoreSoft.

This Q4-2022 interoperability validation test event continued to offer two AS2 connectivity configuration options and Drummond issued the following certification seals to participants completing AS2 Interoperability Validation according to the following test plans:

  1. AS2 Certification Seal – Completed validation based on Drummond’s AS2 test plan without requiring basic authentication for establishing trading partner connectivity
  2. AS2 Cloud Certification Seal – Completed validation based on Drummond’s AS2 Test Plan along with all trading partner AS2 message exchanges requiring Basic-Authentication and SSL connectivity

Both types of AS2 certification seals offer the same safe, secure and interoperable AS2 connectivity. However, Basic Authentication with SSL is required by some production deployments. As new security trends emerge, and demand for Drummond’s Optional Profiles increase, like AES, BA, AS2 Restart, SHA-2, Drummond plans to continue to review its AS2 test plan to keep up with the needs of different trading communities utilizing AS2 communications. Please refer to the Final Report for details on Drummond’s AS2 Optional Profiles.

For a list of the newly Drummond Certified AS2 products, please visit:

For a list AS2 products that are now Drummond AS2 Pre-Certified, please visit:

Click here for more information or to register for upcoming 2023 B2B (AS2, AS4 and ebMS, etc.) interoperability test events.

B2B interoperability testing keeps everyone working – together.

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