Drummond Pre-Certifies IceCoreSoft’s Core Connect AS2 solution

Drummond Pre-Certifies IceCoreSoft’s Core Connect AS2 solution

Pre-certification qualifies Core Connect to participate in Upcoming AS2-2Q23 Interoperability Test Event

Portsmouth, NH – April 14, 2023 – Drummond Group LLC, a trusted leader in Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) software interoperability testing, announced today the pre-certification of IceCoreSoft “Core Connect” AS2 solution. AS2 is a widely adopted protocol for transporting data securely and reliably over the internet. Businesses operating in verticals such as healthcare, retail, financial services, and others that utilize AS2 can more easily exchange critical and sensitive data, including EDI, XML, PDFs, and text files with their trading partners.

Drummond’s interoperability pre-certification testing verifies technical conformance and provides assurance that a solution is thoroughly vetted for security and file exchange compatibility with two Drummond Certified™ AS2 solutions. Successful completion of pre-certification testing is also required to participate in the group Drummond Certified AS2 Interoperability testing event, scheduled to begin on Mar 21, 2023.

“We congratulate IceCoreSoft for rapidly completing Drummond’s AS2 pre-certification program,” said Aaron Gomez, Supply Chain Security business unit leader at Drummond. “IceCoreSoft completed pre-certification with support from Drummond experts, including implementation of AS2 optional profiles,” Gomez added.

“With our highly competent team, high-quality software & Drummond’s qualitative & well-prepared AS2-documentation, test instructions & tools it was an easy process to certify our Core Connect product”

Drummond’s AS2 Precertification program provides its customers with the detailed documentation and technical support needed to develop and earn Drummond Certification for AS2 Interoperability—simplifying the process of certification including AS2 optional functionality. The Core Connect solution demonstrates the success of Drummond’s AS2 pre-certification program for providing technical support and a fast path to bring AS2 solutions to market. IceCoreSoft, with the Core Connect product, completed pre-certification of the options in one “go” and is now pre-certified for: Basic Authentication, Multiple Attachments, AS2 Reliability, Filename Preservation, AES, SHA-1, SHA-2, CTE, SSL and non-SSL.

“With our highly competent team, our high-quality software and Drummond’s qualitative and well-prepared AS2-documentation, test instructions, and testing tools it was an easy process to certify our newly launched Core Connect product,” said Peter J. Nilsson, CEO of IceCoreSoft.

For a current list of certified AS2 Pre-Certified products and registration information for upcoming tests, visit https://www.drummondgroup.com/certified-products/b2b-interoperability/pre-certified-as2-products/

About Drummond

Drummond Group LLC (www.drummondgroup.com) offers comprehensive compliance, security, risk management, surveillance and education services to healthcare, financial and other regulated industries. We bring thought leadership, expertise, practical tools and partnership to the compliance and assessment processes for our clients. At Drummond Group, enabling you to feel secure about the ways in which you share your company’s sensitive and private data is our primary goal. For more details on future AS2, AS4 or ebMS interoperability testing, please email sales@drummondgroup.com

About IceCoreSoft

IceCoreSoft (www.icecoresoft.com) is a Nordic software development company focusing on business integration. We are well versed in communication protocols and EDI standards. Our main focus is AS/2, a standard for secure business-to-business communication with guaranteed exactly-once delivery. The IceCoreSoft AS/2 server (Core Connect) has been built from the ground up for the cloud and offers extraordinary scalability and reliability. It comes with a full-fledged REST API that supports single sign-on and fits well into a modern micro-service landscape. Alternatively, it can be configured for ground operations on premises.

B2B interoperability testing keeps everyone working – together.

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