Health IT Industry Engagement

Drummond Group offers comprehensive compliance, security, and risk management services to healthcare, financial services, and other regulated industries.

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Drummond has for many years built personalized engagement and strong relationships in multiple industries, including healthcare, retail, financial services and education, to name a few. Notably, our industry relationships within the health IT space ultimately translate into better resources and health care for patients. In 2021, we were instrumental in helping launch the Protecting Privacy to Promote Interoperability (PP2PI) Workgroup. Our industry partners include for FHIR® certifications, as well as the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), GS1 US, and HIMSS. As part of Drummond’s Certified Health IT Surveillance Capacity and Infrastructure Improvement Cooperative Agreement with ONC, we also offer The Healthcare Interoperability Hub (The HUB). Throughout the year, we engage with our partners at various events.

Health IT Industry Engagement

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