Organizations conduct Penetration Testing regularly to discover vulnerabilities and risks to protect the most critical data and secure the functioning of a system. Typical drivers that strike the need to conduct Penetration Testing include:

A Penetration Test delivers detailed information about the security threats and categorizes the degree of vulnerabilities. Detecting a breach of a security system can save an organization millions of dollars of damage. A breach of even a single customer’s data may cause financial and reputational damages. Penetration testing can protect your organization from such damages. It protects the organizations who deal with the customers and keep their data intact. Penetration testing keeps your organization’s major activities updated and complies with the auditing system to avoid fines.

These tests can only be performed by a qualified penetration tester; therefore, qualification of a penetration tester is very important. The penetration tester must be organizationally independent from the management of the target systems.

Many organizations are now adapting a best practice of switching their Penetration Testing service provider annually to ensure objective reporting and a balance of external reviews for protection against threats.

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