Penetration Testing Services

Drummond understands that every organization has unique technical environments, operational challenges, and varying levels of security program maturity. Whether you require a Penetration Test to be performed as a result of a compliance mandate, or you are following security best practices, we make sure to understand your organization’s goals, your technical environment, the critical assets to be protected, and the expected deliverables of the engagement.

Meet our highly skilled cybersecurity experts and discover how we can help you get ahead of a cyber-attack.

Protect the Security of Your Organization with Proven Penetration Services

Take a security-first approach with Drummond – a proven Penetration Testing partner – and your organization will be able to:

  • Identify high-risk unknown vulnerabilities
  • Develop effective test controls for threats
  • Employ efficient security measures
  • Avoid expenses for remediation and downtime
  • Facilitate compliance with security regulations
  • Safeguard your company’s reputation
  • Protect customer loyalty

The Penetration Test at its core includes the following:

• Vulnerability Assessment • Exploitation

Additionally, the following services may be included:

• Authenticated Scans/User Privilege Escalation • Password Cracking
• Network Security Architecture Assessment • Social Engineering
• VoIP Assessment • Wireless Assessment • Database Assessment
• Quarterly Vulnerability Scans

The results of the Penetration Test will include actionable recommendations to help guide the appropriate management action and priorities for managing technical information security risks, and for implementing controls selected to protect against these risks. The process of assessing risks and selecting controls may need to be performed a number of times to cover different parts of the organization or individual information systems. Upon completion of a Penetration Test, you will be provided with a detailed report that includes an overall risk rating based on a proven and well-known threat vector analysis. The overall risk rating will take into consideration the vulnerabilities identified, systems impacted, vulnerability risk score, complexity of compromise, possible attack vectors, and remediation steps. The reports are designed to help your management understand the severity, ease, and business impact of exploitation.

Learn more about Penetration Testing Services:

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, goes beyond simply identifying and validating vulnerabilities—it is a full, manual exploitation; one that mirrors a real-world attack. The process involves an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that could result from poor or improper system configuration, both known and unknown hardware or software flaws, or operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures. This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

Meet with our highly skilled cybersecurity experts and learn what is best for your organization

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