Drummond Advisory Services Newsletter – January 2023

Drummond Advisory Services Newsletter – January 2023

Drummond Advisory Services wishes you a Happy New Year!

As you shift to planning your 2023 projects, we also want to share an update on some of our focus areas for upcoming advisory work with our EHR customers. As always, our team is available to help and has some specific initiatives underway we’ve designed to support you.

  1. New for 2023: Drummond Advisory Certification Lifecycle Subscription Service
  2. Development Planning and Guidance for Attestation to the (b)(10) Criterion
  3. Completing Real World Test Reports
  4. Needs for (g)(10) Assistance in 2023

New for 2023: Drummond Advisory Certification Lifecycle Subscription Service

Maintaining certified platforms is a year-round compliance initiative replete with attestations, testing software and monitoring industry regulatory changes and updates. Drummond’s Advisory Services team can help reduce this burden via regular guidance from our subject matter experts over the course of the year.

Our Certification Lifecycle Subscription Services are built to provide guidance in multiple areas, including:Recurring compliance activities for Conditions and Maintenance of Certification

  • Annual planning and priorities for work activities and compliance deadlines
  • Guidance on Real World Testing (RWT) activities and reporting
  • Management and review of attestations
  • Advisory testing sessions to confirm compliance
  • Product evolution through incorporation of SVAP into the compliance lifecycle

Arising needs such as new compliance requirements and enforcement activity.

  • Introduction to the new §170.315(b)(10) criterion requirements for 2023
  • Support for addition of new certified criteria, via attestation or live testing
  • Assistance with resolution of enforcement actions
  • Beyond §170.315(g)(10): Smart Apps, information blocking and FHIR® roadmap

Our subscription programs can be tailored for our customers to focus on standard topics and guidance in specific areas where a customer may need expert knowledge augmentation, support for new product launches, integration of acquired products and others. We incorporate regular expert guidance sessions, working templates, whitepapers, project plans and more.

We offer standard pricing tiers (Gold, Silver, Bronze) built around monthly, semi-monthly and bi-weekly consulting sessions. These tiers have preferred pricing for annual subscriptions and can also be delivered through quarterly subscriptions. Reach out to us at advisoryservices@drummondgroup.com and we can help you find the right subscription approach to meet your certification lifecycle management needs.

Development Planning and Guidance for Attestation to the (b)(10) Criterion

On the heels of 2022’s (g)(10) implementation requirement, 2023 brings the new requirement to implement the §170.315(b)(10) Electronic health information export criterion. This may be the most significant new development requirement this year. Drummond Advisory is ready to assist EHR developers with strategy, planning and implementation.

We recognize many developers have aspects of EHI export capabilities already in place and can collaborate to assess the scope of current functionality and addressing remaining gaps. Some important areas we will want to inspect include:

  • Scope of data elements covered
  • User interface requirements
  • Single-user and bulk-export capabilities
  • Technology standards and best-practice recommendations
  • Third-party solution options (build vs. buy)
  • Current and future ONC guidance throughout the year

We recommend an early start on (b)(10) planning this year, particularly because the (b)(10) criterion is less prescriptive than last year’s (g)(10) development effort and thus will benefit from early design and planning. Our Advisory team can work with your developers during this initial phase and into implementation and testing later in the year.

Completing Real World Testing (RWT) Reports

We continue to work actively with customers into January on completion of their first round of RWT results reports to meet the Drummond ONC-ACB submission deadline of Jan. 31. The Advisory team has built detailed guidance into the ONC results report template and can provide this knowledge base to help our EHR customers accelerate completion of results reports. In addition, we are reviewing draft results reports for our customers to help confirm successful completion and readiness for submission.

With our RWT Results Reporting Essentials offering, we still have time to provide our knowledge base of guidance on report content requirements, answer your questions and conduct an expert review of your draft content.

Please reach out to us as soon as possible at advisoryservices@drummondgroup.com for assistance, so we can help you meet the January 31 deadline. We can work to quickly launch a project with you and move ahead to complete your RWT results reporting.

Needs for (g)(10) Assistance in 2023

Our Advisory programs helped 18 product development teams through completion of their (g)(10) development efforts in 2022. While many developers have (g)(10) development in their rearview mirror at this point, a few have not completed development by the deadline or postponed work by withdrawing from certification to (g)(8). In either case, Drummond Advisory’s programs can help.

For developers who are close to finishing early this year, our Workbench Review pre-testing program is designed to inspect your product’s satisfaction of the detailed requirements for certification testing, identify key gaps, and provide advice for addressing them. We can bring a rigorous advisory testing process together with our experience gained by working through development hurdles with many customers who successfully completed (g)(10) certification last year.

For customers who postponed (g)(10) development in 2022 and plan to pick it up this year, our combined Desktop and WorkBench consulting programs can bring ongoing project guidance on requirements and interpretations with our series of pre-testing sessions, all designed to help developers understand their implementation path and prepare for final certification testing.

We are available to discuss any of these need areas and other certification advisory areas where you want guidance. Contact us anytime at: advisoryservices@drummondgroup.com

The services offered by Drummond Advisory Services are separate and distinct from the Drummond Group Test Lab and Certification Body. The purpose of Drummond Advisory Services is to provide expert support and guidance for the planning, analysis, and execution of certification activities; it does not negate the steps or required actions of the certification process. Use of Drummond Advisory Services does not guarantee successful ONC Health IT testing or certification.

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